May 4, 2020

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Where do returned Apple iPhones go? If you return an iPhone within 14 days, where does it go?

Amazon If you are an iPhone user, you may be wondering where returned iPhones go. When you buy an Apple product on their official website or at a certified Apple store, the product comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. Let's say you return your iPhone within this 14-day period, do you ever wonder where it goes? What happens to the returned iPhones? Do returned iPhones go get refurbished and come back to the store to be for sale again? Do they go to the factory and never get to be for sale again? How about an unopened iPhone package?

當你在14天鑑賞期內退貨了你的 iPhone,它會到哪裡去? 如果是全新為拆封的 iPhone 被退貨後會怎麼處理?


The answer is, all returned iPhone devices go back to the factory, and they will NEVER get put up for sale again. They may be used for spare parts, demo devices at a physical store, but will not be sold to a customer. This applies to an unopened iPhone package, the iPhone being brand new in the box.

答案是,退貨的 iPhone 會回到工廠,由工廠決定要如何處理,可能被拆解、可能變成展示機、但絕對不會整新為新品買給終端顧客。即使退貨的 iPhone 是全新未拆封的也一樣。

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