May 4, 2020

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Will Apple refuse your return if the iPhone has scratches or defects on it? [SOLVED] iPhone有刮痕還能在鑑賞期內退貨嗎?

Amazon Let's say you bought an iPhone at an Apple store or on their official website, and want to return it for a refund within the 14-day cooling-off period. Does it matter whether the iPhone has a few scratches on it? After all, it has been used for several days.

Will the Apple inspector carefully scrutinizes the iPhone for any defect and deny the return if they find one?

你買的 iPhone 在鑑賞期內退貨退款時,假如手機上有些許刮痕或碰撞的痕跡,會退貨退款成功嗎? 假如你想退貨的 iPhone 有使用痕跡,Apple 會在14天鑑賞期內拒絕你退貨退款嗎? 他們會用放大鏡仔細看你的手機上是否有瑕疵,一發現瑕疵就拒絕退貨嗎?


The short answer is No. When you return the Apple iPhone at an Apple store, they will turn it on to make sure its serial number matches that on the box. They'll quickly glance at the phone's exterior to make sure there's no major body defect such as a big dent or a highly visible scratch. Then they'll look at the contents to make sure all accessories are there. That's about it. So even if you do have a scratch or even a dent on your iPhone, as long as it's within the cooling-off period, there's a good chance your return will be accepted. The worst that can happen is the return is declined.

不會的,假如你想退貨的 iPhone 有使用痕跡,Apple 還是會在14天鑑賞期內接受你的退貨。你買的 iPhone 在14天鑑賞期內退貨時,即使手機上有些許刮痕或瑕疵,Apple 不會拒絕你的退貨。Apple 的人員只會確認手機序號是正確的、盒子內的內容物是正確的,大概這樣子而已。他們不大注意外觀,即使機身有輕微的瑕疵,他們也不會計較,還是會接受退貨。

但如果有過大的碰撞痕跡,Apple 就可能會拒絕退貨。

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