Aug 27, 2010

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Solve 3x3 Rubik's Cube Middle Layer (with a Rubik's Cube to Play with)!

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In this step, we will be solving the 4 edge cubies of the middle layer. First, in the bottom layer find the edge cubie you want to move to the correct place. For example, between a red and a green face, find the edge cubie in the bottom layer that has a red face and a green face. There must be only one such edge cubie.

If an edge cubie is at the right edge but the faces need to be switched, read on. This article will help you solve this situation towards the bottom of the article.


Our goal is to solve the four edge cubies of the middle layer of your Rubik's cube. When done your Rubik's cube will look like the following:

Let's do it!

Often the misplaced edge cubie is located in the bottom, or last, layer, and there can only be two possible configurations, as the following algorithms suggest. They actually mirror each other, but you won't be able to see it until you practice enough.

D' F' D F D L D' L'D L D' L' D' F' D F

After you solve all edge cubies in the last layer, if the remaining edge cubie(s) is in the right place but the colors are reversed (i.e. red in the green face and green in the right face), you simply use either algorithm to move it to the last layer, and use the appropriate algorithm again to move it back to the right place with the right sides.

Now you should be able to solve the middle layer. After you are done, your cube should look like this.

Great work By now you may feel that you've done 80% of the work and solving the last layer will be a no-brainer. Not to burst your bubble, but the last layer is the most difficult to solve, the reason being that while working on it, we must make sure we eventually restore the top two layers. This is what makes it so effort-consuming and time-consuming. But don't worry; we'll ease into it.

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