Mar 26, 2010

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How To Stop And Kill Computer Viruses

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If you need to consult this section, that means the virus is pretty advanced and the creator is smart enough to put it under the aegis of a critical Windows process. But there is always someone smarter, and in this case, me . Here's how I would handle it (In fact, I handled it this way and successfully killed a computer virus for a relative of mine). I use one ampersand-separated command line to do the following things:

* kill the relevant processes
* delete the virus files

You need to do this because the process you want to stop is a critical process, and upon stopping your computer will stop functioning normally. It might even attempt to reboot automatically in a short period of time Your best bet is to delete the virus files then. Since the owning processes have been stopped, deleting the virus files will be allowed. Here is a sample command (assuming 1212 and 2323 are the IDs of the relevant processes and I am on Windows 2003 Server):

taskkill /f /pid 1212 & taskkill /f /pid 2323 & del /f c:\windows\system32\bad.exe & del /f c:\windows\system32\bad.dll
Of course you can execute each command at a time, but I'd rather execute them all at once. Once it's done, reboot and the virus should be gone!

Questions? Let me know!

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