Mar 26, 2010

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FAQ Regarding Removing Computer Viruses

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Q: What is an executable?
An executable, or more formally an executable program, is the file that you double click to run whatever program you have installed on your computer. Whenever you install some program, you almost always see a file that ends with .exe, and you double click it to run it. It can be self-contained, meaning that it alone can do everything it's supposed to (you can move it to another computer and run it without any problem), or more commonly, it contains only the core logic of the program, and delegates to other files for other tasks. An example is a DLL. An executable can, for example, calls a DLL to print a document.

Q: What is a dll?
DLL stands for dynamic linked library. A DLL is a collection of programs which can be called by an executable. In general, it contains code for doing something general so that it can be shared by many programs.

Q: How do you view process list?
Download Process Explorer (find it on Google). You can also hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click Task Manager. Click Processes tab. You see a list of processes running here. You can sort them by any of the column by clicking the column head. However it doesn't tell you the process IDs.

Q: How do you kill a process?
First find the process ID (pid) in Process Explorer.
windows 2003 server: taskkill /f /pid [pid]
windows XP: kill -f [pid]

Q: How do you delete a file in command line?
windows server: "del /f [path_to_file]"
windows XP: "del [path_to_file]"

Q: How do you view the executables that are using a given DLL?
Windows server: tasklist [path_to_dll]
Windows XP: if you don't already have "tasklist", then download it at, then the command is: tasklist /m [path_to_dll]

Q: How come I don't see the column inside a folder you are talking about?
In the window, go to View -> Details and you should see the files organized in details. You should see columns like Name, Size, etc. You can manage what you see here by right clicking on any column and checking whatever you want to see and unchecking whatever you don't want to see.

Q: How come you know so many useful software applications?
You can do a search on Google or Yahoo or your favorite search engine. When it comes to searching for software, however, I go to It allows you to search for any software with any filter you specify, and it is very easy to use

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you!

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