Mar 26, 2010

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How To Protect Your Computer From Virus

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Obviously you want to protect your computer from getting infected with other viruses in the future. Here is a list of options you have. Each has its advantages and shortcomings. I recommend that you do all of them to keep yourself as much protected as you can. Here they are:

Subscribe to a Firewall service
Personally I recommend this option. You can find great firewall software on Amazon! I have been using Sygate, a software firewall, for the past several years and my computer has never been infected with any virus of any kind. You can use other firewall software or even hardware, and it should help protect your computer. In fact, you can use Windows firewall that's already installed on your computer. I never used it before and cannot vouch for its reliability.

Subscribe to an antivirus software
You can find many decent antivirus software by searching on the Internet, such as Norton, McAfee, avast!, some free and some are not. You can get GREAT antivirus software on Amazon!

Cleanup Your Computer
Also, you can clean your system's folder periodically. Go to C:\windows\system32\ and C:\windows\system\ and sort by Date Created (FAQ). As I mentioned earlier, you should not see new DLLs added here unless you've installed some software. Date Created column gives you an idea of when the file is created, and you can use your judgment whether you want to delete or keep a DLL.

For example, if I knew I didn't any software since 9/1/2007, then I would delete everything created after 9/1/2007. If after you reboot your computer is not running correctly, you can simply restore those files in Recycle Bin and reboot again. If you happen to delete some DLL that some software on your computer needs, simply reinstall that software. There is always turning back


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