Dec 17, 2016

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[SOLVED] Remove Unwanted Vertical Space In Microsoft Word Document in SECONDS!

Amazon If you use Microsoft Word, sometimes you may have this annoying problem where the vertical space between two lines of text is unreasonably big, and you try every option in the toolbar in vain. How do you remove this undesired vertical spacing between two lines of text in a Microsoft Word document? how?

I am using Microsoft Office Standard 2010, version 14 (32 bit).


Click on the Home tab, and you'll see many text editing options such as the font type, font size, font color, paragraph-related options, style-related options, etc. In the Styles section, note you see many styles listed there, including Normal, No Spacing, Heading 1, etc.

Go ahead and highlight the block of text that has the vertical spacing problem, and then click on No Spacing square in the Styles section under Home tab. And that should remove the unwanted vertical spacing between every two lines of text in the highlighted text.

You are welcome.

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