Sep 30, 2014

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[SOLVED] Copying Calendar Data From Old iPhone To New iPhone in MINUTES!

AmazonI am switching from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6. Great. How do I copy my calendar app's appointments from my old iPhone to the new iPhone? It's embarrassing that you may not easily find this simple solution on Google. That's why I've written this article to show you how.

It turns out that you don't have much choice when it comes to migrating an old iPhone to a new iPhone. You can use iTunes or iCloud. My favorite is iTunes for speed and simplicity.

If you follow my tutorial you will be able to copy the following items from the old iPhone to the new iPhone:

Phone contacts
Favorite phone contacts
Calendars: including all your appointments in your calendars
Text messages
Apps' data: For example, if you use LINE, your chat history will be restored on the new iPhone

Therefore, all your appointments in your calendar app will be copied over to the new iPhone!

My old iPhone is iPhone 4 running iOS 6.0. My new iPhone is iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1. My iTunes version is If your versions are different, my tutorial should still work. If it doesn't, use my versions and try again.

Your apps in the old phone will be copied to the new phone. New apps you've installed on the new phone will be intact. They will not be deleted.

Steps to Restore Data on New iPhone from Old iPhone

Please follow the following steps.

- Connect your old iPhone to computer

- Run iTunes. Click iPhone button in iTunes. It should be next to iTunes Store button.

- In Summary tab, click Back Up Now button. You may see a popup saying "There are apps on which are not in your iTunes library. Would you like to back up these apps from your iPhone?" Since I don't want to back up apps, I click Don't Back Up Apps. If you do, click Back Up Apps, but doing so will take much longer.

This operation will manually back up your old iPhone's status to this computer. Your backup file has a name. Mine is "michael's iPhone".

It took me two minutes. Very fast.

- When it's done, disconnect the old iPhone and connect the new iPhone to computer.

- In iTunes, click your iPhone. Click Restore Backup... button.

- A popup window called "Restore From Backup" will show up asking you which iPhone Name to select. It means you can actually back up multiple times, and each time will have its own iPhone Name. Since you've only backed up once, select the only iPhone name available in the drop down menu. In my case the iPhone Name is "michael's iPhone".

- Click Restore button and the restoration process will begin. It took my new iPhone a couple of minutes for this to be done.

- Once it's done, the new iPhone will reboot and will show welcome screen like the very first time you turned it on. However don't be scared. It does not mean all settings are back to factory settings.

My apps are reordered, but no apps were lost. My calendar data are restored. My text messages are restored. My LINE chat history is restored. My Whatsapp chat history is restored. Even my custom ringtone is restored!

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