Feb 24, 2011

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How To Install Internet Explorer 6 so You Can Test Your Website On IE6

Amazon I am running a website on my local machine and I'd like to validate it on Internet Explorer 6 but I am not able to install IE6 on my Windows. What can I do?

If you've read Guide on Cross Browser Compatibility you'd know the importance of testing IE6 as it accounts for a significant percentage of website traffic!
If you have trouble installing IE6 on your Windows OS follow the following steps.

Install IE6 on Windows
Go through Install IE6 on Windows to install IE6 on PC. Although this guide talks about installing IE6 on Windows 7 it applies to other Windows OS as well. Install a virtual PC with Windows XP on it so you can run IE6 in that virtual machine. After you install it run the Windows XP profile.

Access Your Local Machine through Internal IP
Find out your internal IP through 'ipconfig' via command line in your local machine (NOT virtual PC!). It should be something like 192.168.xxx.xxx. Then make sure your web server allows a client to access it via this IP. This depends on the web server you use. If you use Apache make sure you have the following in your httpd.conf (assuming "C:\repository\trunk-php" is your document root):

<Directory "C:\repository\trunk-php">
Allow from all

Instead of the default configuration

<Directory "C:\repository\trunk-php">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride all
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all

Now open an IE6 browser in your virtual PC and go to or whatever your local IP is!

Now you should be able test your website on Internet Explorer 6! Any question let me know!
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