Aug 22, 2010

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Introduction To Jewelry Making

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Simple Silver Ring And Split Open Ring
Jewelry Making Silver Brass Pendants
Silver Split Open Ring With Lapis Lazuli Gem StoneAmazon When I first learned that this jewelry making class was offered at Santa Barbara Adult Ed program, it immediately aroused my interest. It's not like I want to make beautiful jewelry for girls I like (yea right...). I simply wanted to learn something new, and this sounds just about right. So I took this class.

Jewelry making is an art in itself. Their techniques are easy to learn but hard to master. The mostly used techniques are shape and solder. You first shape the materials into whatever shape you need and join them by soldering. Then you perform the same techniques on other materials to make a bigger piece. Eventually you finish your piece and you'd polish it to make it look shiny.

In this blog I'll cover the basics of jewelry making and show you pictures of some of the work I've done. Let's get started!

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